Architectural technician

Published on: 29 Sep 2009

A technician will look at how a building will be affected by factors including the people who use it, environmental conditions and building regulations and how these may affect the development of the structure. They will investigate the safety of a design and will be responsible for preparing technical drawings and models as well as preparing applications to present to regulatory bodies.

Architectural technicians are not qualified to work independently, but must be part of a wider design team, and are not responsible for the management of a project. They can, however, contribute to the contract management process by participating in site visits, tender negotiations with contractors and project meetings.

The professional body for architectural technicians is the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

Architectural technicians need to complete an HNC or HND in Architectural Technology or Construction or a foundation degree in Architectural Technology and complete a professional assessment, taking up to two years to complete.

An architectural technician can expect to earn between £15 and £28 as an hourly rate and £13,000 to £35,000 yearly salary depending on experience.