BD Student Space

Published on: 27 Jan 2010

BD's Student Space has been developed in response to feedback from students and architects to offer a place for the profession to connect.

Get your questions answeredBD Resource

BD Resource lets you ask any question and receive answers from other architecture professionals. There's also an opportunity to vote for the best answers to questions.

So whether you are looking for feedback on a project, want to ask a professional studies or engineering question, got an ethical dilemma or really anything architecture related this is the place for you.

Whilst this is a place to help each other, we've also lined up a cracking team of professional experts to help out with tricky questions.

Explore and connect with Polyark

Polyark is a unique social networking site for architecture students. It provides a space where students and tutors can connect, share work and ideas, blog and discuss. The whole profession is invited to explore and learn about this exciting project.Polyark

Why Polyark? Cedric Price's Polyark programme of the 1970s has attained mythic status in the profession, with hotly contested - and highly improbably - accounts abounding. But at its core was the key idea of connecting students and tutors around the UK to offer a broader and more vivid education.

We're delighted to support Polyark II, launched at the end of 2009, where eight architecture schools will explore the original idea of a design undertaken in transit. Log-on to learn more about Polyark II and the work that the eight schools are doing

Research schools and qualification paths

Choosing where you study is a big decision.

To help, and to answer some of the most common questions we get about accreditation, school rankings and paths for overseas students we've, compiled tables and basic guides about how to become an architect.

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