Introduction to architecture

Published on: 29 Sep 2009

"A career in architecture will probably combine inspiration, perspiration, frustration, and elation in equal amounts. But if you have a restless nature, worry about the city and sustainability, are obsessed with beauty in all things, need to draw to finish your sentences effectively, and don’t mind meeting some of the most interesting and maddening people on the planet you are in the right place."

- David Gloster, director of education, Royal Institute of British Architects

A career in architecture can be equally rewarding and frustrating.

Architecture offers the unique opportunity to combine artistic creativity with the physical practicality of the construction industry.

Choosing to study architecture as an undergraduate does not mean that you will become a fully qualified architect, but it can open up many other unexpected career paths.

It is a highly competitive industry, but it also offers rich rewards.

As an architect you can improve the environments in which people live, work and play. You can transform a run down house into a family home or design an airport that will be used by millions of people. You can help make it easier to teach by designing better schools and help hospitals treat their patients more efficiently and hygienically.

Architects also play a key role in helping to improve the efficiency of our cities and making our buildings more environmentally friendly.

This site will offer you a guide to training to be an architect as well as information on finding a job within the industry and other career paths connected to architecture.

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