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  • We need to be creative to fill the skills gap

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Casting the recruitment net further afield and embracing part-time working are both good ways to bridge the skills gap, writes Jimmy Bent

  • An employer’s guide to running the interview process

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Careful preparation and making sure the practice makes a good impression are both critical when seeking to attract new staff, writes Jimmy Bent

  • Short-term contracting can work well for employers and staff, but beware your tax obligations

    • 16 Aug 2023

    More companies are looking to hire contractor staff, and there are still plenty of candidates, but both parties need to take care regarding tax, writes Jimmy Bent

  • Video interviews have a vital role to play, but they won’t always save you time

    • 16 Aug 2023

    When weighing whether or not to use video interviewing it’s import to consider the value of face to face interaction, writes Jimmy Bent

  • Employers need to consider the full range of benefits to compete in this jobs market

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Salaries are soaring and staff are increasingly looking at the wider package when making decisions on who to work for, writes Jimmy Bent

  • Can ARB’s reforms help architecture rebuild its reputation for technical expertise and leadership?

    • 16 Aug 2023

    With major changes to architectural education under way, BD speaks to professionals from across property, architecture and education about the potential for a reinvigorated profession

  • If you’re considering a move to Australia, expect ‘heaps’ of difference

    • 16 Aug 2023

    From working on major infrastructure projects, to embracing the growing role of First Nations communities, architects moving to Australia will find an exciting and diverse career landscape, writes Mark Middleton

  • Can T levels help re-establish a vocational pathway into architecture?

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Construction is facing a skills crisis across the board. Years of under-investment in education and training have left the UK lacking the people needed to design, plan, manage and construct desperately-needed homes, retrofit, and infrastructure.