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Killa Design

Killa Design,
Office 3103
Burj Al Salam Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box 26642

Killa Design is an award-winning architectural firm that creates timeless, transformative, adaptive buildings and designs that are unique, innovative, drive sustainability and are contextually inspired with a vision for shaping a brighter future.

They specialise in mixed-use, hospitality, commercial high rise, and residential projects, and have significant experience in retail, theatre, museums, urban design, and masterplanning projects.

Killa Design are dedicated to creating exceptional projects that are reputed for being highly creative with ideologies and design philosophies that engage their inhabitants. They are passionate about innovation, and futuristic design solutions and are respectful to social and ecological sustainability, positive space making and urban realm. With almost 80% of their studios projects either LEED accredited or zero energy, water, and waste; Killa Design create signature buildings that are considerate towards nature, conservation and improve the quality of life in their surrounding urban ecosystems.

Killa Design aspire to create buildings that give back more than they take and are devoted to improving the livability of surrounding cities, through their projects and how they can help educate the communities around them.

Their philosophy for each project is to deeply understand the cultural and contextual site-specific relationships with the project specific brief and how they can create buildings and spaces that positively affect the surrounding communities, employment opportunities as well as tourism.

Tearing down the typical hierarchy found in corporations, Killa Design is a place that encourages the expression of ideas and innovation in design, creating design solutions that combine art and engineering. The partners in the office mentor the future leaders by giving each member equal opportunities to lead a project. The studio also provides workshops to help educate and inspire the client to strive for better urban environments and to help staff stay up to date with the latest technological advances, trends and challenges for cities, buildings and urbanscape. 








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